About this page

The main aim of this website is to present pictures of plants that are botanically accurate, of good quality and are legally usable (see below). According to my experience pictures used in printed or digital publications are usually copied (or, rather, stolen) from somewhere - that has become a bad habit at least in our country, only with a very few exceptions. Furthermore, among the huge amount of the botanical pictures on the web only very few are of photographically good quality and of usable size.

The pictures you find here are not artistic pictures. Good composition, correct exposition, etc. are among my goals, of course. Still, I never work in a studio but outdoors, and my main aim is documentation (showing characteristic features of plants, etc.).

The majority of the species pictured are a native of Central or Western Europe.

These pictures may be used for free in any freely accessible website (i.e. sites not requiring registration or subscription), as long as this webpage (www.netherbarium.hu) is linked as a source or the URL is included directly below every picture.

For publication in other web pages, digital or printed materials (e.g. CD-ROMs, books, periodicals, etc.) these pictures, and many others, are available for sale in larger size and better quality. In case you are looking for something specifically, feel free to inquire.

The search engine operates by scientific, English, German and Hungarian names. The most often used scientific synonyms are also included. Scientific names are most likely to yield the best results. (See the About names page for details and reasons). In case you are looking for a species without success, please send an email and I will gladly help.